Press and Feedback

Press Comments

I returned the next evening - it was that enthralling - people were moving freely into the action and clearly relishing every minute of it. Dance International

"A living breathing commentary on movement and space" Tribeca Tribune

A post-script to the history of modern dance The New Jersey Star Ledger

Everything to do with seeing the world in a sharper more focused way Baltimore Sun

A display of audience/artist trust the likes of which created some of the most moving cathartic movement theater ever witnessed. The Philadelphia City Paper/font>

An attitude of breakaway curiosity and a hunger for exploring a world of forms imbued with feeling. The New Jersey Star Ledger

A moment intimate and universal. Le Journal du Pays Basque (France)

Uncertainty about the performers' identities was balanced by the surprise of recognizing a dancer posed casually, absorbing the people nearby into a choreographic design. The New Jersey Star Ledger

They took four audience members and together developed a choreography, creating a situation of beauty in a very natural and delicate way until reaching deep emotions in all the audience. Diario Berria (Spain)

A rare talent for composing attractive formal structures. The New Jersey Star Ledger

The production batters the fourth wall relentlessly from start to finish.

The public was very enthusiastic and applauded the company for an intense and deeply human moment. Le Journal du Pays Basque (France)

Participant Commentary

Public Moves Federal Hill

A simultaneous participant and observer, I realized how easily a mass of unrelated people can gather and work towards a common goal with so much tacit, mutual understanding.

What I feel is a sense of discovery and excitement at what has been discovered. Everything from sounds of cars, whispers and yelling, frogs croaking and bellowing, and even our little blades of grass really came together in a unique way.
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Giant Place Detail

I will never look at the Winter Garden in the same way. Since the first time I entered it in the summer of 2000 I have traveled through it in a state of waking sleep. Now I have a totally new connection to the space.

It's just amazing how art and collaboration could transcend all manner of barriers, brought people from different cultures, backgrounds and ages together, and created such a beautiful performance.
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Art Matters, WRR, Fort Worth, Texas Sharon Benge interviews Joshua Bisset during Arts Trianble Residency, at TWU, Denton Texas (13:20)

Maryland Morning, WYPR, Baltimore Tom Hall interviews Joshua Bisset and Steve Bradley during Public Moves Federal Hill, Baltimore (4:40)