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Winter Garden Performance

Installation Overlooking Ground Zero Site



Giant Place Detail

Giant Place Detail was the first Public Moves project. The work consisted of a mass performance in the Winter Garden at World Financial Center and a sound and video installation on a balcony which overlooks the September 11th site. Both the performance and the installation were built with the attention of magnifying the details of everyday life in a context of this literally and historically "giant" place.

Shua Group created the performance by bringing together 40 people who live and work in the area, and developing a sequence of actions which both reflect and transform the everyday actions of the site.

Collaborators Stephan Garin and Sylvestre Gobart developed the video installation by taking stark and detailed sound and video recordings of workers, resaurant goers, commuters, and machinery of the site. The installation, consisting of screens and headphones, was installed beneath the balcony on the east wall of the Winter Garden, which is popular site to view "ground zero". By presenting simply, lovely, and banal images and sounds of daily life, the installation asserted the presence of normacy, work, simplicity and banality in landscape overcome by hyperbole.

More Giant Place Detail images, feedback and stories at the project blog.

Presentation The Giant Place Detail installation is available. Five to 9 screens, headphones and projected video required.

Presentation History Arts World Financial Center World Financial Center, Winter Garden - May 2008

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