Interactive Events

Public Acts projects present a situation to an audience or crowd which elicits response, an 'act'. The reaction of the crowd and its choreographic and visual result form the event.

Soft Wall

Soft Wall is an audience interactive performance created in collabortation with visual artist Sylvestre Gobart (Brussels). Soft Wall is driven by a silent proposition to the audience which creates/facilitates the performance and radically transforms the visual space. As the performance unfolds the identy of performer and spectator are questioned, rolls shift, and the watchers become the watched. Soft Wall is adapted to each city/locale it is realized based on cultural contexts. The performance is followed by a visual installation, which is in part created by the action. New Jersey Star Ledger Preview

Additional images and video of Soft Wall are available to presenters.


Poolastic is an interactive installation initiated by construction of a pool and the burying of a performer by plastic bottles collected locally. When the pool is full the artists announce "the pool is now open", and the public responds. None of the actions in the photos or video are scripted.

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Full is a second in series of audience interactive performances created in collaboration with Sylvestre Gobart. Like Soft Wall, Full makes an unstated proposal to the spectator, which results in a group action, and transformation of space. The object which builds the action and visual result is the familiar cardboard box. Full is a study of collective action and consumer consumption.

Documentation of Full project is available to presenters.

Black Igloo

Black Igloo is a participatory installation environment: a 12’x12’ black dome with a melting ice sculpture in the center lit by a circular hole in the roof. The artwork is a kind of reverse sweat lodge or inverted campfire into which viewers enter and collectively witness a monolithic ice sculpture dripping into a dark pool.

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Holding Cell

Holding Cell is a public installation which alludes at once to prison terminology of holding area and racialized decision making. Guests enter "Holding Cell" and extend their hands through two holes onto a table.

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Fill, an adaptation of Full, is realized through an indirect invitation to participate in the "filling" of a space with cardboard boxes collected in the vicinity. The participation is spontaneous and contagious, and becomes a movement-driven community experience and a visual installation.

The cardboard box is the final container for almost all of the objects we consume, from bananas to lip stick to motorcycles. The box is the medium through which this stuff travels, and once opened fills our homes and our lives. By creating the ritual of Fill, by asking everyday people to handle hundred of boxes in common, we bring spectators toward a literal understanding of the volume of stuff which surrounds and fills us.

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