Site Related Performance

Site related performances are physical and sonic exploration of place: people, architecture and geography, history. Sound composition and choreography emerge through observation and play with human patterns, flow, qualities of objects, and building structures and landscapes. The works both magnify and transform "place" as the viewers attention is brought to intense focus on a world at once familiar and revelatory.

Some of these works - such as Flower Flour and Bright Pulse - are unique and one time responses to places and moments in time. The Public Moves project however reflects a concept applicable to many sites...

Public Moves Projects

Public Moves projects are mass performances set in places of social intersection and performed by local people. The performance builds choreogrpahic patterns and sound scores based on the everyday movement and sound of the site, be it a mall courtyard, public square or urban hillside. The sounds and actions of the site are reproduced magnified and transformed creating a performance at once familiar and spectacular; a performance which blurs the lines between art and life and seeks to democratize the identity of the performer and the art space.

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Steel Meeting

Steel Meeting is a direct physical and sonic interaction with an industrial space and the audience of the event. Using hand held lights, shadow plays, percussion on building architecture, and relational choreography the artist form a unique work at once completely literal and transformative.

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Flower Flour

Flour Flower was a one time engagement with an ancient flour mill in Nay, France. We created this audience interactive sound and movement work with choreographer Tzveta Kassabova, composer Stephane Garin and visual artist Sylvestre Gobart.

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Spring Rain

Spring Rain is a 15-30 minute solo performance work which creates an installation. During the performance a dancer is slowly buried in a steady rain of plastic bottles, which where collected on the streets of Jersey City, NJ. The performance’s focus is the her struggle to stay above the rising tide of plastic, and the transformation of the visual space into a multicolored pool of glittering bottles. The sound of the action is amplified by an internal microphone connected to an outside speaker.

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